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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  April 11, 2017 2:05am-2:45am EDT

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fourth quarter, chipping between henderson and george. both players are ejected.
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>> the eagles have announced their preseason schedule playing at home against the bills and dolphins, playing the packers and jets. >> matt has agreed to a 1 year contract with the birds.
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he will be the number three behind carson wentz. >> it will be a life changing moment for select first rounders. malcolm jenkins first rounder in 2009 has advise for the prospects. >> i would say enjoy it. there is so much hype around the draft. especially when you are a first rounder. you worry about where you are going to go, what team is going to pick you. a lot of guys don't take time to see where you are. you are getting ready to accomplish your dream. we worked hard to get here. i try to tell people all the time, don't miss this moment. you don't get drafted again. >> a reminder, april 26th, the "action news" sports team brings you a special draft preview party. we broadcast live from the
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parkway. in just a couple of weeks. >> it will be exciting. thank you. there was music and dancing this evening. the crowd gathered at the nightclub at the benefit for distracted driving awareness month raising money for the scholarship program named for tony boli and her unborn son killed when a distracted driver hit them in 2011. "jimmy kimmel live" is next followed by "nightline." jimmy's guests john stamos. "action news" continues at 4:30 a.m. now for ducis, adam joseph, cecily tynan and the entire "action news" team, i'm monica malpass. make it a good night tonight.
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it's an all new show with great viral videos "right this minute." a paramotor pilot coming in hot before the unthinkable -- >> happens right here. >> see the struggle to free himself before he sinks. a woman is horrified. see if you spot the clue that things may not be as they seem. >> it is kind of weird. i want to challenge you to catch me. >> he's telling a bounty hunter -- >> i get a one-hour head start, let's go. >> see the amazing lengths one guy goes to to try to make a great escape.
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and it's a mack dreidel kind of monday. now see the videos as we're breaking down if they're real or fake. >> two rights don't make a wrong. >> you means two wrongs don't make a right. >> shut up! you can see here a couple of guys p guys going over the smooth lake. that's the person i want you to keep an eye on. while it is perfectly clear, there is still danger there. you see it's going lower and lower and lower. >> oh! >> gets completely swallowed up by the water. you see the guy on this paramotor sees what happens. swings around to check on him a couple of times. fortunately we have another angle that tells the story. this is the pov shot of the same
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motorist. he's having a good time. the moment that changes it all is right here. you see he starts messing with the gopro. makes sure to get the angle just right. that's because he's not paying attention before -- >> oh, he wasn't looking where he was going. >> gets swallowed up by the water. tries to get his seat belt undone while being under the water. looks like he tries to turn his gopro around. he's paying too much attention to the camera and where it's pointing without paying attention to the altitude and ends up being swallowed up. it was a pretty serious crash even though it doesn't look like it. he said eight broken ribs and back injuries as a result of this. >> it's the equivalent of messing with your cell phone while you're driving. >> by having both angles, we're able to get a full picture about what's going on.
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when you're out on the water, it's cool to take your camera and record what's happening. see if you catch some cool stuff. see if you notice something unusual about her day in the water. >> oh! >> she's in the water but not at the water. >> i fear this so much. like going away on vacation and coming back to this. >> this poor woman is knee deep in water inside her flat in kazakhstan. apparently a pipe burst in the unit above her so all the water ended up rushing into her unit. but the craziest thing about this video is that she ask standing in the water and the electricity is still on. in fact, i thinkhat's what you're hearing in the background. >> the very first thing you see is a reflection of what must be the main room's light. you're like, what are you doing? get out right now. all the lights are on.
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>> oh, my goodness. >> hopefully the circuits would have tripped and hopefully there's no dangerous to her being in there. >> here's the thing. this detail on the wall has the attention of people online because when the camera pans over, that appears to be a painting, a portrait of the titanic. lots of people being skeptical about this. but here's the thing. our amazing team of researchers were able to find this same video being used by a company that helps people find apartments to live in. >> so you're saying they're going to help her find a new apartment? >> the jury is still out on the validity of this video. >> it is weird a pipe is just sticking out of the wall pumping water into it. that's a strange place nor pumping. >> right? now look at it. the portrait of the titanic. it's slanted. now we're feeling sketchy about this one.
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i love playing hide and seek. some people would say i love it too much. but i disagree. >> mike over at buzzfeed blue goes to a bounty hunter and says i'm going to give you six hours. you have to find me. i get a one-hour head start. let's go. >> what i didn't tell the bounty hunter is i spent is the last two weeks preparing my escape. >> right away he changes his appearance completely. >> i did research and found most criminals are caught when they reach out to a family, friends, or lover. >> and you can't use electronic payment or anything like that. easy to track. >> and that's just the beginning of the physical transformation. next he hops on the subway instead of taking his car. >> we're going to go to his house first. then we'll see if we can tap into the cameras around his building, see which way he walked off. we also posted his picture on facebook. we're just going to have everybody, the community try to help us locate mike. >> mike has made himself vanish. but along the way, mike has
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given his coworkers different clues to text to the bounty hunters. >> this is mike's only clue for you. we eat sushi tonight. >> this is fun. i want to be a bounty hunter. >> scavenger hunt. >> he also left envelopes with paper clues inside his apartment. >> let's head out to the girlfriend's address right now and see if she knows anything or if his car is there or if there's any clues or whatever. >> meantime mike is taking his physical transformation even further by getting prosthetics applied. >> he thought this out well. >> his car's not here. he hasn't been here. >> all the hunters have to go on are the clues and different addresses to check out. so far he has eluded these guys for hours. well, mike's a little cocky. the bounty hunters are told
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there's going to be a shift in camera crew members that have been following him around. >> oh, my gosh. >> are you kidding me? >> and so far they have no idea. >> in plain sight. >> minutes tick down. >> one final thing. i'm mike. >> dude! >> pretty fun video put together by buzzfeed blue. if you want to see the entire thing, go to click on tv show or check it out using our mobile app. you are free to let the cat outside. >> ocelot is a cat friendly system designed. >> yes the ocelot system is a way to let your cat out without worrying about the cats jumping over the fence and wandering out coming home in that special way. this shows us how well their system works.
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>> basically what you're looking at, you know how the old shades and windows with the roller, they put a roller on the wall and cats can't get over it. they recommend you have a wall or fence that's about six feet tall and 48 bucks. >> i'm thinking i could build that myself. >> you might have to. this is available in australia. if i was them, i'd sell it here. everybody is not as ingenious with tools and equipment. so many people, they'd like to let their cats out. they don't want to declaw them. this is a way to do it. he's making his dad's dreams come true. >> and thomas decides he's going to make dad do the yes teary challenge. >> see what this has in store for dad. >> he said no! plus it's frustrating.
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closed captioning provided by -- discover act® dry mouth. specially formulated to soothe and moisturize your mouth. act® dry mouth. nick, you are a fan of goat yoga. i have something better for you. goat cross training. yeah, it's a thing. >> good grief. >> i've been doing goat crossfit for about three months now. it's a hard workout. >> people are loving it. what do the poor goats think? >> this sounds silly but there's an important piece of equipment called the bulgarian bag that is
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like a goat you would throw over your shoulder to kperds with. they've gone for the live version. >> pretty much. because she does everything that you do in the gym including the wheel barrel. >> i don't do that in the gym. >> my favorite exercise is probably the planks because, you know, i get a free hair cut out of it too. >> and you thought you stunk when you left the gym. >> i used to milk my goats every morning before i did my workout. now i leave it in there, it's a good workout snack. lots of carbs and stuff. you can drink it straight from the teat. >> she lost me there. i think they look confused. >> they did say you have to keep your workouts creative so you stay on track. and so she's now letting everybody know that these classes are available. >> seems the farmer's daughter has lost her mind. >> go to the youtube page of
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read 'em and weep, it's funny. you don't want to try it? >> looks like she has a good sense of humor though. we're big fans of the guys at the yes theory. they're a group of guys that live together and agree to say yes to most things in life. where do they get it from? >> well, we know thomas got it from his dad. >> my dad accidentally found himself in the middle of an arms deal in vietnam, survived in the chinese jungle, and illegally crossed the myanmar border while hiding under a truck. >> he is coming to visit and thomas decides he's going to make him do the yes theory challenge. >> let's go. >> so surfing is great. but that's not why we're here. we're about to go skydiving. >> he starts getting excited because he's going to do it. the people at skydive san diego,
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they're fans of yes theory and said any time you guys want to come out, come out. so they do did. he gets in he gear, gets in his plane -- >> and it's at this moment he said no! >> oh, no, he didn't. he said yes! >> yeah. this is the guy crossing the myanmar border hanging from a truck. of course he's going to say yes. >> they made a promise to each other a time ago and he's going to see if dad comes through. dad thinks they're going to dinner. >> you said you'd get matching tattoos. >> oh, yes, honey. matching tattoos. >> let's do it. >> the i did say that, didn't i? >> we skydived in san diego today. oh. that's cool. i like that. >> and that's where i think thomas gets it from. with a dad like that, how could he not be a yes theory guy?
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it's a rare but cool shot of -- >> snow-nado. >> yes, it's a thing and you're about to see more of it. and furious pete is joining a trend. find out why he's doing it. >> dude, i'm totally liking this. [ sighs ] hey, i was using that. what, you think we own stock in the electric company? i will turn this car around right now! there's nobody back there. i was becoming my father. [ clears throat ] it's...been an adjustment, but we're making it work. you know, makes it easy for us to get the right home insurance. [ snoring ] progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents, but we can protect your home and auto. [ chuckles ] all right.
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promotional considerations provided by -- ore it spreads. fungi-nail. for something that finally relieves your pain, icyhot lidocaine. desensitizes aggravated nerves with the max strength lidocaine available. icyhot lidocaine. honestly sometimes i feel like i've seen it all. but the internet always proves me wrong. i've heard of a tornado, a fire-nado, heck even a
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sharknado, but this one was on me. snow-nado! >> wow. >> it's a thing. >> there are dust-nadoes. so why not in the snow? >> it's a pretty cool shot there as this snowboarder with his arms out just goes -- we managed to find another video from boston. the young lady behind the camera trying to name it. >> a snow tornado. >> we could get better. >> a snow-nado. >> a tor-snow-do? i like this one. it gives a peek how they get the amazing action videos as people are sailing through the air. he's got his buddy oscar there following on. he's got the camera on the end of that stick.
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>> brutal! it's so hard for the girl with the cameras. like the keys just separate from his feet. every day goes flying. in this case there had to have been fun nobody was injured. but it is a brutal hit. y'all know our homie serious pete and his lady diva. they've got something inside their sleeve. you recall this trend happening of folks rhinestoning their face? serious pete has something else in mind. you may notice his bald head. he's been undergoing chemotherapy and other treatments so he decided to shave his head. he's going to make a helmet of the rhinestones. >> there we go. love it. >> they're bedazzling pete. >> that's cute. >> and they start in between his eyebrows. but there's one more catch. every for rhinestone on his
2:34 am
head, he's going to donate $1 for testicular cancer research. >> this is good because he's got a large cranium and a lot of real estate to use. >> yes. ching ching. >> by the end of this he's going to look like a star trek character. >> or mr. gleam instead of mr. clean. >> this reminds me of a skrz video. >> it looks like val kilmer had a mental break down. >> dude, i totally like this. >> if you like to take a guess at how many rhinestones on his head? >> 324. >> 250. >> 500. >> the total is, 447. >> oli, you were just about 50 bucks off. >> the cool part is pete. he brings out his best.
2:35 am
he's also got a great sense of hue humor. he's not slowing down. >> yeah. >> now he's going to eat the rhinestones. >> no. time to find out -- >> what's real or what's fake! welcome to the show! >> getting it started with two wrongs that don't make a right. >> i think it's real but i think it's really wrong. >> then instant karma. and he's the best egg balancer in the e 50 to 85:
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♪ (colonial penn jingle)
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marbles' dogs. >> i want to be one of her dogs. in times like these when people have a serious case of the mondays, they turn to "right this minute" and we turn to mack dreidel to see what's read or what's fake! welcome to the show! >> thank you. let's roll the footage. >> video number one. >> dude. i'm about to do something. >> two rights don't make a wrong. >> yes. and they shouldn't have parked like that. >> you mean two wrongs don't make a right. >> shut up! >> i think it's real, but i think it's really wrong. >> i think it's real and i think it's real. >> i think it's fake. >> yeah, i think it's a setup too. christian, what do you think?
2:40 am
>> fake. >> what say you, mac? >> okay. so this could possibly be a setup because a lot of people in the comments are saying the uploader is affiliated with a bmw did dealership. so it's quite possibly fake. >> well, fine then. >> is it real or is it fake? >> we'll go with a tie. everybody wins that way. >> fake/real, real/fake! >> video number two. falls on his booty. >> that's what you get. >> oh! >> that's what you get. >> i just want to say it's real because got what was coming to him. if he was even pretending to kick a dog. >> yeah. totally real. dogs are pack animals. they watch out for each other. so sure. >> real. >> really real real. >> it looks like it could be a slapstick comedy, but i think it's an amazing moment that got
2:41 am
captured. i'm going real with this one. >> all right. video number three. >> okay. so buddies at work here are playing a prank on their coworker again. they're making him believe here he's got an egg balancing on his head during work. >> now he's walking with that thing on his head. >> that is impressive. >> uh-huh. >> i'm going real. this is the kind of prank people pull all the time. >> real. >> yeah, this is real. a really mean prank. >> yes. this one's great. when he kind of realizes he's been pranked, cuts the thing off. i would say it's a harmless prank. definitely real. >> that's real! totally real! oh, yeah! >> real! real! real! real or fake!
2:42 am
>> all right, guys. later. >> bye! >> okay bye. that's it for today's show. we'll see you next time.
2:43 am
look out below, there in malibu, california, the hillside giving way sending tons of dirt and debris on to cars in the parking lot at zuma beach. the guy recorded the video called it a dirt water fall. luckily no one was injured. >> new mexico banning schools from lunch shaming. the move follows several incidents of students being called out in some way because they were unable to pay for lunch. in albuquerque for example, kids without lunch money were given cold cheese sandwiches and fruit. that action was criticized saying it was punishing students for being poor. new mexico believed to be the first state to ban this. >> the search for heavily armed wisconsin man allegedly on a do or die mission has intensified. >> police say that the man went on the run last week, but not
2:44 am
before sending a 161-page manifesto to the white house. that manifesto has now arrived. abc's adrian bankart has more. >> reporter: the manhunt for this self proclaimed revolutionary expanding. authorities confirming the manifesto with plans of a brutal attack arrived in washington. >> what this individual was proposing was revolution. you know, to, have an armed uprising. jakubowski on the run since tuesday. authorities say he stole 16 high powered handguns, two assault rifles, possibly silencers and set his own car on fire. the suspect's stepfather who did not want to go on camera, said he believes jakubowski is on a do or die mission. while you don't see his face, the person recording the video, appears to sign the envelope containing the manifesto. >> today is the day. >> today is the day. >> so remember this face. >> game time.
2:45 am
>> reporter: officials tell us they're speaking with the person on the other side of the camera, he is cooperating and not a suspect. >> we spoke with a wro woman who says she is jack sister. she says no one has heard hum from. >> we'll be right back after this.


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